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Applications and Helpful Links....

If you ARE a C&MA official worker seeking a ministry position within the Great Lakes District:

Candidate Application

If you ARE NOT a C&MA official worker AND are seeking a ministry position within the Great Lakes District:

Application for Ministry

1) First Steps

Go to and complete the short form under "next steps".  This will help us to learn a little about you and your interest in ministry.  Please check "yes" and choose the Great Lakes District from the drop down box on the question about the district you are working with.  When you have submitted the form, the Great Lakes District will be notified of your interest.  You may be asked to obtain a reference from your pastor with an email link. 

2) Complete the Application

An email will be sent from the Great Lakes District when the full application is available to you and you can then create a MyCMA profile with the link given.  Upon signing in with your new profile, you will have access to the doctrinal questionnaire, the biographical inventory and all other sections of the application. 


3) General Bible Exam

Applicants for ministry are required to take a 50-question exam to determine general Bible knowledge and preparedness for ministry.  The test is online and will take approximately 30 minutes. Within 24 hours after a candidate completes and submits the sign-up form they will receive an email with instructions, a username, and password for the site, and a pass-key for accessing the test.  A score of 80% correct is required. 


4) Transcripts and Background Screening

Applicants are asked to submit college transcripts and sign a release form and pay for a criminal background screening through the Great Lakes District. 


5) Licensing Interview

Upon completion of the application, submitting necessary forms, and passing the Bible exam, an accreditation interview will be scheduled with the Great Lakes District Licensing, Ordination and Consecration Council  (LO&CC).  This interview is an opportunity for the committee to assess the candidate's call to ministry, preparedness, and character.  It is also a time for the candidate to get to know leadership within the district.  Upon successfully completing the interview, the candidate is accredited, which means he or she is licensable when and if a call and appointment is received to a specific ministry.  Completion of the application and interview does not automatically mean that an individual will be licensed by the district.  


Alliance Polity Course

All individuals who are licensed with The Christian and Missionary Alliance must complete the Alliance Polity course, either at an Alliance College or online.  The Alliance Polity course enables a licensed worker to provide competent pastoral leadership and care for a local C&MA congregation so that it fulfills its biblical purpose, including participation locally, regionally, and internationally in The Alliance’s global mission. The course also imparts the vision and core values of the C&MA, and familiarizes new workers with the significance and history of the C&MA to the worldwide Christian movement.

Ordering the course is done online through the National office registration system. Click here to register for the course.  Online payment of $100 is through credit card or PayPal.

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