Becoming a Church Planter in the Great Lakes District


  1. Begin by scheduling a meeting with Rev. Justin Thornton, Church Multiplication Director, 734-677-8555, to discuss church planting interests and the accreditation process.

  2. Submit a resume to Rev. Justin Thornton with sermon/picture/references, and complete a form giving consent for a background check.

  3. Go to https://cmalliance.wufoo.com/forms/what-is-my-next-step/ and fill out the Next Steps form. During this phase you can also get to know about the C&MA, our values and mission.

  4. Meet with the District Superintendent when necessary.

  5. Complete an online application to be accredited for ministry with the C&MA.

  6. Discuss details of financial support.

  7. Sit for the Accreditation Interview. Following completion of the online application, an accreditation interview by C&MA leadership may be scheduled with you and your spouse (if married). The interview will last approximately 90 minutes and will include topics of conversion to Christ, call to ministry, personal and spiritual development, gifts and skills in ministry, scriptural and doctrinal knowledge, C&MA theology and polity, and lifestyle matters. Following the interview, an accreditation decision will be given. If you are approved for accreditation, proceed to the next phase.

  8. Work with Rev. Justin Thornton, Church Multiplication Director, on initial church planting prospectus development.

  9. Complete the Church Planting Assessment Tools.

  10. Attend a formal Church Planters Assessment Center and BASICS.