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Anyone who wishes to become a licensed Official Worker within the Great Lakes District should contact the District Office for information, or may complete the Called to Serve response form on the National Office website. Go to and click Apply. They will be directed to the District Office to discuss individual Education Requirements and Next Steps.




All workers newly licensed in the District are considered "Provisional Workers" and will begin one of three processes:  1) Ordination or Consecration, (2) sustaining of previous Ordination/Consecration, or 3) Church Ministry Worker license.  There are specific assignments required for each, which are explained in our Handbook.


Alliance Polity Course

All individuals who are licensed with The Christian and Missionary Alliance must complete the Alliance Polity course, either at an Alliance College or online.  The Alliance Polity course enables a licensed worker to provide competent pastoral leadership and care for a local C&MA congregation so that it fulfills its biblical purpose, including participation locally, regionally, and internationally in The Alliance’s global mission. The course also imparts the vision and core values of the C&MA, and familiarizes new workers with the significance and history of the C&MA to the worldwide Christian movement


Link to sign up for Polity through the Alliance Center for Leadership Development


Alliance Strategies in Mission Course

The Uniform Policy in sections E4 & E5 of the C&MA Manual requires candidates for Ordination and Consecration to demonstrate awareness of Alliance missions, objectives and methods by completing a course of study as approved by the District Superintendent and the LO&CC.  As an alternative to having taken an introductory college-level course on world missions, candidates may meet the requirement by successfully completing the six-week online Alliance Strategies in Mission course provided by the National Office.  The target of the course is candidates for Ordination, Consecration, or licensing as a Church Ministry Worker who have not taken a course in world missions.   A district LO&CC may also require it of those who are transferring into the C&MA from other denominations.  


Link to sign up for Polity through the Alliance Center for Leadership Development

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