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GLD Planting offers A.C.T.S


Assessment - Every church planter will go through an intense assessment. This is a 2-4 day assessment with you and your spouse. Church planting is not for every couple and we hope to send church planters into the field with feedback and confidence that others affirm they are called to church planting.


Coaching - Every church planter will have a coach. Someone who has planted a church and someone to walk alongside the church planter.  


Training - Every church planter will have the chance to go to basic training and fresh start training depending on what kind of church plant they will be doing. There will be quarterly training sessions also that will be highly practical.


Supporting - There is no church planter that is alone. Church planting can be lonely and frustrating.  You will not be thrown onto an island somewhere and asked to swim to another island. You will have a regional network, and a group of guys going through the same battle at the same time.