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Plant a Church with Us

All of our church plants are planted with the District family coming along side them with assessment, coaching, training and support.  We plant kingdom churches together, making sure that no church plant is on an island.  With that said, here are some of the ways we plant churches:

"Greenhouse" Planting

We plant churches with and through Greenhouse Churches.  These are churches that have been assessed by our CRT(Central Regional Team) and are multiplication minded.  The Greenhouse church will incubate a Church Planting Resident for 1-2 years, depending on a few factors, and then launch that Resident with people, vision and resources.  This is a really healthy way of Church Planting that allows a Resident and their core team to develop congruently until they are ready to be launched.  Our vision for this type of Church Planting, and who we partner with on this journey, is spelled out at

"Parachute" Planting

"Parachute"Planting is when a planter wants to drop into a city/town/region and develop a core team without the planter himself having any indigenous roots.  All Church Planting is difficult, but this can be one of the most difficult methodologies.  Despite the difficulty, if we have the correct planter, we will help that planter carry out this method of planting.

"Family" Planting

This would be our favorite form of Church Planting.  This means that as a District family, we plant churches together.  This can take on many forms and we encourage it to do so.  But the crux of this type of planting is when multiple churches from the GLD of the C&MA get together and decide to support and help a church plant get started.

"Free Agent" Planting

Planting is hard!  From the start, going at it alone like a maverick may feel like a good idea.  It is officially not a good idea.  There are certain cases where a church planter, who does not belong to a denomination, really could use some support, care and accountability.  If our theology and our "bigs" line up, we would love to help a free agent Church Plant get off the ground.  

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