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Hopefully it was made clear through our core values that we believe in multiplication. Churches who plant churches who make disciples who make disciples. We are currently setting up what we call Greenhouses. These will be churches or ministry centers that churn out church planters like a redneck churns butter. These churches will have two positions available.


Shorter Track

Resident Church Planter - A resident church planter will be at a greenhouse for 6-24 months depending on how God moves. They will develop a core team out of that greenhouse or mother church, then plant a church where that mother and daughter choose to plant. This is best done in what we call a missional community.  Let's quickly talk about that.


Missional community - A community on mission!  

This means a church planter and a core group of people from the church are on mission in a neighborhood. They are not just plucking people from the mother church but they are sharing Jesus with their neighbors and bringing them into missional community. The mother church then decides what kind of resources and people they will be kingdom-minded with to add onto that already-missional community.


Also, while the resident church planter is at that greenhouse or mother church, they are given ministry responsibilities that reflect those of a lead church planter.


Longer Track

Internship - This looks like the Resident Church Planter process, just longer, starting with a different level of ministry responsibility inside the church. This is best for someone who just graduated college or someone just starting the Ministerial Study Program.